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Where every child gets a chance to shine

Skyline Children's Theater is an award-winning children's theater company in Chicago and surrounding suburbs providing actors with the magic of being in a Broadway show.

Join us this fall for our 20th Anniversary season to celebrate 20 years of bringing theater education to Chicago.

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We are thrilled to announce that our 20th Anniversary title at Skyline Children's Theater is The Wizard of Oz!

After the COVID-19 Pandemic shut down our Spring 2020 season, this classic title only touched the Zoom screen. It felt too fitting to give it a second chance for such a special season in Skyline history.

The Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic starring Dorothy and Toto, a girl and her dog, who suddenly find themselves far from home–somewhere over the rainbow. They awake in a land full of munchkins, flying monkeys, ruby slippers, a yellow brick road, a good witch, a wicked witch, and a mysterious wizard.

Though missing Aunt Em and Uncle Henry back in Kansas, Dorothy and Toto make new friends-- a Scarecrow seeking a brain, a Tinman seeking a heart, and a cowardly Lion seeking courage-- who help Dorothy discover the power she has had inside her all along and remember "there's no place like home."

FALL 2024: 


Skyline Children's Theater offers a fun and fulfilling musical theatre experience for ages 3-14 in Chicago, North Shore, and Lake County suburbs. From an exciting first day of getting to know a show, to an exhilarating final performance, an experienced Skyline teaching artist will guide each cast to create a fully-staged musical. This summer, location-dependent, you can enroll for Mary Poppins, Shrek, The Little Mermaid, High School Musical 2, and Matilda! 

Skyline Children's Theater Broadway Summer Camp Lincoln Park Juniors Stars Moana High School Musical 2
Skyline Children's Theater Broadway Summer Camp Juniors Stars Lincoln Park Wizard of Oz

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Skyline's work with young actors was cited as a major component to the success of theatre in the state of Illinois.

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