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Skyline brings the magic of theater education to Wilmette. Currently Winter 2024: Beauty and the Beast Jr. is underway. Join us for half day summer camps at St. John's St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church. Full day options available in Winnetka. 

Next up: Spring Camp Rock Jr. at Highcrest - Enroll through your PTA!


Summer Camp: Enrolling NOW!

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  • Where are you located?
    Skyline Children's Theater is a company that connects with park districts, schools, dance studios, and theaters to host our programming. Summer 2024 you can find us in Barrington Park District, Glenview Park District, Lake Zurich (at Denise Sabala Dance Studio), Mundelein, Wilmette, Winnetka at Winnetka Community House, and Vernon Hills (at Discovery Day Camp). We also have programming in the city of Chicago in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and Ravenswood.
  • How do I get Skyline at our school?
    We host our program as an after-school rehearsal at schools all around the Chicagoland area. Previous schools we've had residencies at Wilmette District 39 schools: Central Elementary, Harper Elementary, McKenzie Elementary, Romona Elementary, Highcrest Middle School, Wilmette Junior High School; Chicago Public Schools: Burley Elementary; Private schools; Hillel Torah in Skokie, Sacred Heart, St. James in Lincoln Park, Goddard Schools, and more. If you'd like to get an after-school or during-school program started at your institution, email with the subject line "School Residency" and include your location, contact information, and preferred start date. We'd love to start the conversation and bring theater education to your academy! Get Skyline at your school and learn more on our Skyline After School page.
  • How do I enroll my child in your programs?
    First, locate your closest program by looking at the menu at the top of our site. Next, click that link to find enrollment links. Sometimes, they will read "coming soon," which just means they are under construction and will be live soon! To not miss out on enrollment announcements, make sure to subscribe to our email list.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Cancellations prior to the beginning of session: Patrons can receive a refund or credit. Cancellations after the first class: No refunds or credits will be provided. In the case that state and local guidelines change to the point that we can no longer meet in person, there will be no refunds provided. We will continue classes virtually.
  • Does my child need to prepare anything for auditions?
    No! Skyline auditions are nothing to stress about. What actors should expect on “audition day” (the first day of class) is to move through a dance, song, and line reading so directors can get to know them and match their talents with a great role in the show. No outside preparation (and no prior audition experience) is necessary! Our directors walk the cast through a very low-stress audition process of learning a dance together, learning a song together which they will sing in small groups, and then reading lines for characters that most excite them. At class 2, all actors will be given a named character and script.
  • My child hasn't learned how to read yet. What does this mean if they have to read lines?
    Our directors are great at supporting emerging readers in learning their lines. During auditions, we will use call and response to get an idea of the young actor’s ability to project and create a character. We will do the same in class until the actor has their lines memorized. While all actors should bring their script to every rehearsal, we do recommend that emerging readers work with their families to memorize their lines as soon as possible, so they can really have fun exploring their characters on stage!
  • What does a typical rehearsal look like?
    Actors will warm up with theater games or a dance, then move into learning the day’s scheduled scenes, songs, and dances. At the end of rehearsal they will review material from the previous week (in order of show) to prepare for the final performance.
  • What does my actor need to wear/bring?
    All actors should wear clothes allowing a full range of motion and dance friendly shoes (sneakers or jazz shoes to change into). Flip flops/sandals/snow boots are not going to allow actors to do their best footwork! All actors should bring a reusable water bottle since we sing and dance for 1-2 hours. We also ask that actors bring a three-ring binder for their script and a pencil to make notes starting the second week of rehearsal. Families will be provided with instructions for assembling a costume at home for the final show.
  • What will pick up and drop off look like?
    Pick up and drop off procedures differ based on class/camp location and age of the cast. If you have questions about the process at your location please reach out to your education director: Kiki at Community House Winnetka ( or Kristen at all other suburban locations ( We request that parents be timely in pickup at the end of class. Late pickups without notification will receive a warning the first occurrence, with a charge of $1/minute late for any following occurrences.
  • What can we expect at the final performance?
    Details on venue, performance time, and ticketing will be shared via email later in the session. Actors will be asked to arrive early the day of the show for the dress rehearsal. Information on costumes will be sent out about halfway through the session. Families are asked to create a costume (based on suggestions provided by Skyline) that actors are proud and comfortable to perform in.
  • What are Skyline’s safety protocols?
    Skyline rehearsals are CLOSED REHEARSALS - We do not allow parents, siblings, or anyone that is not a member of cast or staff to be in the space. Personal belongings brought in will be limited to only a water bottle, face mask (if actor chooses), and printed script/pencil. All valuable items should be left at home. Skyline is not responsible for lost or stolen items If actors or staff have any symptoms of illness, they must stay home. In the ever changing public health climate, Skyline Children's Theater will follow the protocols and guidelines outlined by our partner locations.
  • My Broadway Tot has never been in a class by themselves before - can I sit in and watch to support them?
    Skyline classes are "closed rehearsals" at every level, including our Broadway Tots! We encourage you to prepare your young actor at home for the fact that they'll be singing and dancing with their friends and teacher, and that you will be right outside of the classroom if they need anything. We cannot allow guardians in the class during instruction at any point, as it distracts the young actors (both your young person and the others in the group who are wondering where THEIR grownup is!) Our instructors are trained and skilled at helping the smallest actors adjust to being in class on their own - and please know that those first few minutes are usually the hardest, but once they've jumped into the fun they do great! Instructors are always very happy to touch base after class on how things went, listen to your concerns or needs, and help your child have the most successful experience. It means the final sharing will be a great surprise that they can show you!
  • What if my child doesn't want a big part and just wants to be in the group with their friends?
    Every Skyline actor will receive a named character and at least a few lines in the show - this gets them invested in the performance and gives them a chance to shine their own unique light and talents! If your actor doesn't want any singing solo, no problem! They can just tell the director this on audition day. If you as a guardian have any questions or concerns about your actor's part, you can always reach out to the director for clarity. We've found that actors tend to rise to the occasion and uncover courage and talent they may not have even known they possessed by the final show.
  • My School/Park District doesn't offer an audition workshop - will my actor be less prepared?
    Not all locations have a pre-session audition workshop - and that's okay! Your actor does not need an audition workshop to be prepared for a Skyline audition day. Our directors are excellent at helping all actors whether they're brand new or experienced showcase their best selves at auditions. If your young actor has questions or nerves about auditions, you can always reach out to Skyline to learn the specifics of what to expect so that they feel excited and prepared.


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