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Skyline Children's Theater is a prestigious, award-winning children's theater company that has established its presence across 20+ locations. Renowned as one of the largest and most enduring children's theater programs in the vibrant Chicagoland area, Skyline brings the enchantment of Broadway right to young performers' fingertips.

Catering to the diverse age range from preschool to eighth grade, Skyline provides tailored classes for every young performer. At Skyline Children's Theater, we believe that every actor, regardless of age, deserves their moment in the spotlight.

Skyline actors discover their own creative voice but also forge lasting connections, cultivate interpersonal skills, and nurture confidence. Get ready to unlock the magic of theater and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

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With that, the very first Skyline class began with just 6 dedicated and passionate young actors. Little did those actors know that they were solidifying this shared passion was in fact a calling for the duo.

Twenty years later, Skyline Children's Theater is now one of the largest and longest-running children's theaters in the Chicagoland area servicing the North Shore, Lake County, and the Northside of Chicago. 

In November 2004, college roommates and friends Erica and Jacqui reminisced about their childhood theater experiences, recalling how learning performing arts prepared them for adulthood. Teamwork, communication, time management, public speaking, and confidence were just a few of the social and emotional skills they found themselves using in daily life.

Between Erica teaching kindergarten and Jacqui casting TV and radio for advertisements, the idea for Skyline Children's Theater stemmed from a shared passion for inspiring children and performing arts

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Skyline Children's Theater believes in providing equal opportunities for all actors. This is why Skyline is a no-cut program. Auditions take place on the first day of each session, where directors teach a dance routine and a song from the seasonal title. Actors are also encouraged to read lines for various characters. Every participant who auditions becomes a valuable part of the show's ensemble.

Our dedicated directors work together to cast each show in a fair and inclusive manner. Factors such as age, development, and experience are all factored into making an appropriate and equitable decision for the ensemble. Within each unique cast dynamic, directors strive to provide suitable challenges for every actor based on their individual capabilities.

As actors continue on to the Stars and Performers level, they get the opportunity to audition for singing solos. This ensures that each actor has a chance to showcase their talent. 

Skyline Children's Theater is committed to creating a collaborative environment where actors feel supported, challenged, and empowered. 

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Led by experienced directors who are passionate about both the arts and education, Skyline Children's Theater offers an inclusive program that embraces actors of all abilities. 

Throughout a structured rehearsal process spanning 10-12 weeks, actors gain a solid foundation in theater basics. They learn essential skills such as stage directions and blocking, choreography, and singing. Actors also explore acting technique, character development, and vocal projection. 

Children develop a strong sense of confidence on stage, nurture their creativity, and forge friendships with fellow castmates. Through stepping into a character’s shoes, young actors develop empathy, which results in compassion and increased emotional intelligence.

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Every Skyline session culminates in an exciting final performance for family and friends. Families will be provided instructions on how to assemble an original costume. The final show is a celebration of not just individual talent, but the incredible power of teamwork.

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Skyline Children's Theater's Staff is comprised of a team of directors that are experienced theater professionals, such as working actors, choreographers and directors, stage managers, and elementary educators.

Skyline directors’ diverse skill sets make up an impressive team of teaching artists who understand the demands of leading a cast of actors throughout the rehearsal process, how to cater to an actor's individual needs, while keeping the focus on showcasing their talents.

This team of directors collaborates with an administrative team who liaisons with our partners, oversees behind-the-scenes production, parent communication, registration, and education.


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